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About Us

KAO was founded in İstanbul at 1995 with the machinary and electronic skills over twenty years by persons who are very dynamic and idealist, for producing the techincal devices which desired by industries.

As the creative of products which have attractive technical specifications, ergonomy and aestetic with its employees who have the base of knowledge and skill that needed to keep in step with acceleration of nowadays technology, powerfull R&D and modern manufacturing lines, KAO get the results of its labours by successfully manufacture the testing devices that have sensitivity over the international standarts and ease of usage.

Because of the nature that has wide scope and needed fussiness that metrology has, the independent departmant KAO-Metrology in KAO can reach to you industrialists more easy and faster with this web site anymore. Therefore KAO-Metrology will use the opportunities of nowadays communication to share the each step it take on the metrology technologies with you as soon as possible and aid more effectively to industrial advance.

It is clear that our page will grow day to day if we compare with eternity of knowledge to newness of the KAO-Metrology web site. If you visit us regularly either you will be hear every new improvement about metrology or you will be able to inform us about your opinions. So we can use our knowledge and skill more usefull for you in our future works.

KAO-Metrology team wants to contrubute to more productive and powerfull future by cooperating with you industrialists. For this reason we believe that every product we develop is an assistant which brings new possibilities. Please do not hasitate to tell your ideas about our technologies and products you see in our pages. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Hope every tomorrow will be brighter than today...